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Indian boy with the English Flow: How Jijo Sengupta is pushing the boundaries of Music

Jijo Sengupta, the man behind AAJ Media Productions, is widely known for the Holly-Bolly Way, a stylistic approach merging the nuances of Hollywood & Bollywood to provide an enriching experience in presenting stories.

Anannya Sengupta, aka Jijo, who moved back from the United States to Mumbai to start his own Film production, is breaking the realms of filmmaking through his music videos and his style of lyrics. 

Jijo’s unique advantage of being a polyglot and having the best of both cultures of the East and West made him a standout in the industry. In his productions, he clearly shows the perfect confluence of Hollywood and Bollywood. 

The Indian artist, who has carved out his own name in rap and hip-hop and is known for his grime style, takes pride in his over a dozen awards for his films across the world.

“L.A.W.,” a song written and performed by Jijo Sengupta, served as an anthem for many individuals who suffered various challenges and rejection at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has created havoc in many lives. Loss, rejection, and dejection have surfaced in the hearts and minds of millions of people. On looking back, I was engulfed with a sense of chance, where you could not choose – like a game of cards that has more probabilities than possibilities. It was a life lesson that is expressed in this English song which also has an element of personal tribute to my grandfather,” writes Jijo.

Another song that tackled pressure and the emotions of those trapped in their homes due to pandemic-induced lockdowns is “Mastermind,” another masterpiece written and performed by Jijo and produced by AAJ Media Productions.

“The story started with pent-up pressure at the beginning of the quarantine in 2020. Self-isolation and spending time with myself helped me get a better outlook on life. I reflected upon my triumphs & tribulations in the past. They all came together in a fascinating way through the lyrics. I’ve always wondered how people wear a mask and be present only during good times. Having someone during the hard times is what makes a true friend. This song is a release of that sentiment,” writes Jijo.

Those who wish to collaborate with Jijo may send a direct message right away to get started. Others who want to learn more about Jijo Sengupta may follow his Instagram page via @simplyjijo or check out his other social channels for more information.

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