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WS Capital Series Fund, LLC Partners With Qenta Bank, Leveraging New Ally’s Advanced Trading Tools to Boost Yields

WS Capital Series Fund, LLC is an American financial company investing in high growth private corporate entities. The fund recently partnered with Qenta Bank to establish a more versatile platform for its investors and clients.

Attaining and maintaining sustainable growth is typically not too much of a challenge for established corporations and companies. However, the recent events that reshaped the landscape of the global economy have brought an element of unpredictability. 

Many companies of international renown have been forced to either downsize their operations while smart, forward-thinking leaders turned to WS Capital Series Fund for help. 

WS Capital Series Fund is a Delaware Series Limited Liability Company that originates loans to business units in the trading, manufacturing, distribution, technology, and services sectors, empowering its clients with flexible, innovative financial products and time-efficient access to private capital. 

Leveraging a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technologies, WS Capital has aided innumerable partners and companies in their mission to stabilize their businesses and not only cope but overcome the challenges of market volatility. 

Flexibility and speed are what separate WS Capital Series Fund from contemporary alternatives. From small business loans and commercial financing to alternative investments, the products and services offered by WS Capital are integral pieces of a holistic approach that the company’s experts deploy to cater to the needs of each client.

Recently, WS Capital Fund partnered with Houston-based Qenta, one of the leading digital trading platforms on the continent. According to the company’s spokesperson, WS Capital had seen tremendously increased gains after placing its products via Qenta’s platform, imparting the following:

“Qenta allows us to achieve an enhanced yield for our LPs by utilizing the sophisticated trading tools offered by Qenta. The market conditions we are currently experiencing made the commodity based platform offered by Qenta extremely attractive, said Tom Signorelli of WS Capital Series Fund. 

WS Capital Series Fund’s experts are confident that a partnership with Qenta will aid the company in its mission to help investors approach asset diversification. When combined with Qenta’s asset diversification and management tools, WS Capital’s referral network sources will synergize and create an even stronger impact on today’s market. 

Given that recent global events have drastically changed how businesses worldwide operate, the need for robust credit analysis services is more present than ever. In that regard, the company’s spokesperson imparted the following:

“Special situations require rigorous analysis and meticulous assessment of risk factors that are not readily served by typical financings. We put our experience and credit skills to work to unlock value and opportunity in situations that require a discerning understanding of the business drivers that are beyond the scope of a traditional lenders credit process,” said WS Capital Series Fund’s spokesperson.

More information about WS Capital Series Fund and its services is available on the company’s official website.

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