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Bridge Medical GPO Provides Comprehensive Procurement Solutions in the UAE

Bridge Medical GPO is a top group purchasing organization in the UAE. Over the years, they have been driving the positive transformation of the healthcare industry in the country. With the company, members can rest assured of receiving comprehensive procurement solutions. The company is always honest, open, and transparent when dealing with its members. They are committed to assisting members in offering their patients access to premium quality healthcare products and services. The company has a team of passionate professionals with more than 100 years of collective experience.

The company spokesperson said, “Our company is always ready to improve our members’ supply chain and procurement operations. We are focused on the entire supply chain operation. With our exceptional services, members can be sure of reducing their operating expenses by up to 20 percent. Our company is the bridge between healthcare providers and payers, vendors, and government regulators.”

Most individual providers usually spend a limited amount in any particular category, such as office supplies and many more. They end up paying more for a particular product because they have limited volumes to typically negotiate to price. Individual vendors usually sell in limited quantities to various specific providers. That is why one should consider joining group purchasing organizations. Such organizations enable individuals to leverage the collective buying power of several provider members. Thus, one can take advantage of those larger discounts without actually buying more. Those looking for the best group purchasing organization can contact Bridge Medical GPO. The company’s solutions make it easy for members to buy medical equipment in Dubai.

Speaking about the different types of group purchasing organizations, the company spokesperson said, “There are generally two different types of GPOs, vertical market GPO and horizontal market GPO. Vertical market GPO typically focuses on one specific industry. This includes food service, construction, medical and healthcare, hospitality, and many more. On the other hand, in the horizontal market GPO, members exist in different industries but buy similar products and services used in different industries. This allows one to focus on more strategic spending areas.”

Wondering where to find top medical equipment companies in Dubai? Bridge Medical GPO is a company that partners with various top medical suppliers to offer healthcare providers access to unbeatable savings on equipment, products, and services. Their outstanding solutions enable win-win relationships on paths for procurement success. With the company, members can take advantage of a ‘strength in numbers aggregated volume’ concept when buying a particular item. The company employs best-in-class technologies and cutting-edge methodology. Thus, one can be sure of getting enhanced decision-making capabilities that will improve their supply chain and procurement capabilities.

About Bridge Medical GPO

Bridge Medical GPO connects its members to outstanding vendor contracts in the UAE. They are focused on delivering speed and value for their members. The company has a customer service center that quickly responds to one’s inquiries and concerns. They provide custom memberships to cater to the unique needs of individual provider facilities. Those wanting to buy medical equipment in Dubai can contact the company.

Contact Details

Bridge Medical GPO

3202 B, Business Central Tower,

Dubai Media City (DMC)

P.O.BOX 451130 Dubai,

United Arab Emirates

Telephone: 80026476

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://bmgp.com/

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Company Name: BMGP (Bridge Medical Group Purchasing Organization)
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Phone: 80026476
Address:3202 B, Business Central Tower, Dubai Media City (DMC) P.O.Box 451130
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Website: https://bmgp.com