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iQibla Zikr1-2022 Digital Tasbeeh Counter is on Sale.

iQibla Zikr1-2022 Digital Tasbeeh Counter is on Sale.
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iQibla Zikr1-2022 is on sale for $59 on its official website, www.iqibla.com. It previously cost $69, but people can save $10 off the original price. The current deal is the lowest price the product has ever been offered. The iQibla Zikr1-2022 is a digital tasbeeh counter that brings the benefits of technology to Muslims everyday prayer life. This device allows its users to track their daily progress, set goals, and connect with others smartphones via iQibla app. In addition, the ring works by counting prayers and providing reminders at the appropriate times.

“Zikr1-2022 smart ring has an OLED digital display that provides a clear view without the need for glasses, and it is available in two different sizes; 18, and 20 millimeters in diameter. This item comes with 5 prayer times notifications so that you can always be on time for your prayers. The iQibla Zikr1-2022 also features an OLED display that’s brighter and consumes less energy than other screens. The waterproof rating is IP68, which means that it can be submerged in up to 1.8 meters of water for up to 30 minutes without sustaining any damage. Moreover, this item comes with a large capacity battery so that you can use it for up to three days before needing to charge it again.” a company representative stated. “When you need to set reminders for prayers, there are all sorts of factors to consider: what time the sun will rise and set, how far your location is from the equator, whether or not daylight saving time applies. Fortunately, the iQibla Zikr1-2022 Digital Tasbeeh Counter has you covered. It comes with five prayer time notifications that can be received on your Zikr1 ring/Qibla watch/smartphone.”

iQibla is a company that provides high-quality Islamic devices at a reasonable price. It has been selling Islamic smart rings and watches for many years. Today, it has released its newest product, the iQibla Zikr 1-2022, a smartring app for Android and iOS devices that helps Muslims find the direction to Mecca from any location via the smartphone app and features a digital alarm clock. Customers can use this app to find directions using their phone’s GPS or by entering coordinates or addresses. The app also includes a compass that points towards Mecca when you’re traveling and a Qibla reminder that gives you a notification five times a day telling you which way to turn to face Mecca while praying.

For more information, please visit https://www.iqibla.com/products/zikr1-2022.

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