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Matthew Gwyer is creating and selling custom artwork on his website

Customizing your home to your liking takes time and creative vision. It can take months or years of collecting items and compiling them in your space before you’re satisfied with the overall aesthetic of your home. 

That’s why Matthew Gwyer is creating custom artwork on his website. His first oil painting series has already sold out, and he’s now ready to design custom artwork to fit any room in your home. 

Gwyer is an artist from Maine who has been practicing his skills for almost ten years. He discovered his passion for art when he first took it up as a hobby to decompress from the stresses of everyday life. Now, he hopes to use his art to help people decorate their homes. 

Matthew Gwyer is a self-taught artist. He began drawing with a pencil and paper by copying works he would find on the internet, mastering his skills at being able to draw from memory.

Not long after, while attending the University of Southern Maine he enrolled in a studio drawing course. That’s where he studied the works of world-famous artists such as Salvador Dalí, Vincent Van Gogh, and Johanna Vermeer.

These artists played a role in shaping Gwyer’s artistic touch. His artistic talent grew and he would use any free time he had during his studies to create art. He said the work helped him alleviate stress from the busy schedule that comes with being a student.

Since completing his degree, Gwyer has grown his hobby into a small business venture. He currently sells work on his website, and is looking forward to the future to do even more with his site. 

Matthew Gwyer truly cares about creating art that holds meaning for the people who buy it. He wants his work to be more than just decorative, and he hopes to tailor his art to your vision.

What Gwyer hopes to bring to your aesthetic is a piece that captures the theme of a room. All you would have to do is provide him with details of what you want, your unique taste and preferences. 

Matthew Gwyer spoke of wanting to create pieces that aren’t only visually appealing but also invoke thought. Using his unique artistic interpretation, Gwyer hopes to create masterful pieces of art for your home that are evocative whenever you look at them. 

Gwyer’s website is currently filled with pieces ready to sell, but he is most excited about this new component of his business. By creating custom artwork that speaks to the tastes of individual people, Gwyer believes that his artwork will last a lifetime as a display on the walls of people’s homes. 

If you are struggling to find that one piece of art to tie your room together, check out the work Matthew Gwyer offers on his website

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