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WeldKing is a leading provider of quality welding machines, backed by a comprehensive service warranty

They’re experts in the field of welding machines. Their products have been extensively tested to provide robust and precise welds, which will never lose their integrity on your equipment like other high-end models.

WeldKing products are being used throughout Canada with authorized distributors and service locations. A 3 (three) year warranty includes all parts and labor, allowing people to buy with confidence. 

WeldKing developed its own cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) system to track and share all information and processes at every step of a welding machine’s life cycle. This allows them to constantly improve their products and services, ensuring that their customers always have the best experience possible. As a result, WeldKing is the name people can trust when it comes to welding machines.

MIG welder for sale 

Welding is a prevalent trade that requires equipment from machines to welding gas. The MultiSonic 3-in-1 multi-process welder has everything you need for any project. It can even be used on steel or stainless steel with the individual valves depending upon what type of metal it will ultimately weld! In addition, it’s easy enough to operate thanks not only to its spool gun design but also by having foot pedal control over the current flow.”

ARC welder for sale

The CoolArc 200 is an ARC welder that is available for sale. It is powered by Wide Voltage Adaption (WVA™) technology and is Generator Friendly. This ARC welder is optimized for dirty power and fluctuating voltage. In addition, it has a state of art wind tunnel cooling design that significantly improves reliability by optimizing the internal airflow pattern.

TIG welder for sale

With the CoolTig TIG welding machine, people can easily weld like a pro with just one knob! Its advanced intelligent control technology will dynamically optimize the welding process. It is also suitable for hobbyists, makers, small fabricators, and artisans. In addition, it has a rated duty cycle and is ready for foot control and fingertip remote current control. 

Aluminum welder

The PulseWave 200 TIG welder is a top-of-the-line machine perfect for precision fabrication. Its digital IGBT inverter offers full AC features and advanced waveforms. The NaviGear pilot navigation technology makes it easy to adjust all settings with just one knob. And the built-in memory lets people store up to 10 sets of parameters. 

Plasma cutter for sale

The CoolCut™40air plasma cutter is a cutting tool that uses compressed air to cut through metal. It is an oil-free compressor with no external compressed air available. The CoolCut40air has a built-in water trap that automatically drains the water when the internal compressor is operating. 

There is no need to drain water manually constantly. The CoolCut40air is a plasma cutter for sale that will unleash the full potential of the cutter and achieve max cutting capacity.

Final Thoughts

Weld King has a long history of providing quality welding machines and equipment, backed by an extended warranty. Their products are designed to be precise and powerful while still being affordable.

They have distributors across Canada who can help people find the perfect welding machine for their needs. And if a machine has a problem, its experts stand by, ready to help.

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