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Imaging Law and Function of Optical Lens

Lens is an optical product made of transparent material, which will affect the wavefront curvature of light. It is a kind of device that can converge or disperse light. It is widely used in security, car lights, lasers, optical instruments and other fields.

The function of optical lens in vehicle light

1. Because the lens has a strong condensing ability, it is not only bright but also clear to illuminate the road with it.

2. Because the light dispersion is very small, its light range is longer and clearer than that of ordinary halogen lamps. Therefore, you can immediately see things in the distance and avoid crossing the intersection or missing the target.

3. Compared with the traditional headlamp, the lens headlamp has uniform brightness and strong penetration, so it has strong penetration in rainy days or foggy days. Thus, oncoming vehicles can immediately receive light information to avoid accidents.


4. The service life of HID bulb in the lens is 8 to 10 times that of ordinary bulb, so as to reduce the unnecessary trouble that you always have to change the lamp.

5. The lens xenon lamp does not need to be equipped with any power supply system, because the real hid gas discharge lamp should have a voltage stabilizer with a voltage of 12V, and then turn the voltage into normal voltage to stably and continuously supply the xenon bulb with light. Thus, it can save electricity.

6. Because the lens bulb is boosted to 23000V by the ballast, it is used to stimulate the xenon to reach high brightness at the moment when the power is just turned on, so it can maintain the brightness for 3 to 4 seconds in the case of power failure. This can make you prepare for parking in advance in case of emergency and avoid disaster.


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