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Gaming Chair “Broken Circle” Into Furniture

After EDG won the league of Legends championship last year, the e-sports industry once again became the focus of public attention, and the gaming chairs at the scene of e-sports were known by more and more consumers, and quickly “out of the circle”. At present, reports show that the rapidly developing e-sports industry has ignited consumers’ enthusiasm for gaming chair, and gaming chairs have become one of the favorite goods for the Spring Festival among overseas consumers. In fact, gaming chair already broke the limitation of one-fold application scene, and enter each scene in the life, which captured a batch of consumers rely on its “healthy” attribute.

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The consumer group of gaming chair is more and more extensive, it is not only professional gaming players and ordinary gaming players. With the emergence of home office, home online classes and other scenarios, gaming chair has been widely used in consumers’ work, study and other places.

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For ordinary consumers, the scene of placing e-sports chairs is generally at home, which means that gaming chairs not only meet the “e-sports” attribute, but also be with the “furniture” attribute. Ordinary consumers will choose more professional gaming chair brands and products, and also pay special attention to the matching of the appearance design of gaming chair and home decoration. For bedroom, e-sports room and other home scenes, different styles of gaming chairs blended in the personalized home decoration space that is more popular with ordinary consumers, to achieve the extension of the crowd and the scene.

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Consumers have diversified demands for gaming chairs. For example, non-e-sports user groups such as programmers will also join the consumption ranks of gaming chairs for the pursuit of healthy and comfortable experience.

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In short, the consumer group of e-sports chair has begun to spread from professional e-sports hand groups to ordinary consumers.In the future, gaming chairs should meet the needs of deeper functional experience and the expansion of consumption scenes, but also need to develop in a diversified direction.

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