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Intelligently Smart Robots Can Protect And Secure Health Of Every One

All of us want to hold onto the lives of our families, employees, and customers with proper safety and security. The physical presence of an Intelligent Sterilization Robot (ISR) reassures communities that they are in a safe environment. In these contemporary years, noncontact and crewless procedures have become conspicuous in the arena of conservational disinfection. Robots that mechanically disinfect the air and surfaces of hospital environments can help reduce the human resources spent on environmental cleaning and disinfection and curtail the danger of occupational contact for staff.

These robots have also facilitated the informalized organization of environmental disinfection, reduction of costs, and intensified the efficacy of disinfection exertions. This robotic technology is explicitly premeditated for application in environments that are in dire need of disinfecting environmental air and subject exteriors, via automatic robot with ultra-violet (UVC) light, vapor disinfection, and air filtering or disinfectant sprays.

It has the capability of successfully slaying germs and viruses or microorganisms on the surfaces with the environment reaching over 99%. It also has a remote intelligent regulator and self-defined disinfection timer. Additionally, it has an infrared human body device, a 360° Omni-directional intelligent sensor, that automatically turns off the light while detecting the human body. With multiple disinfection moods, automatic charging, and multipoint disinfection, the ultraviolet disinfection robot has much more to offer to our customers. They work by affecting the genetic material of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms in unerringly the exact way as humans, only much more vigorous. This UV robot disinfection technique would take a little time and ultraviolet energy to sack and kill the congenital substantial of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and many other microorganisms. UV robots for hospitals.

Whereas on the other hand UV robots for hospitals is a technology that inactivates viruses and destroys bacteria, viruses, pathogenic microorganisms, and mold. This robot is an impeccable substitute for mundane and hackneyed manual chemical cleaning. These specialized robots are planned based on the applications of Autonomous Vehicles (AGV) technology and sanitizing. UV Robot is one of the answers to help kill bacteria optimally in any hospital space or environment. Also, this robotic technology has proved high itself in the fight against the pandemic of Covid 19. It possesses the capability of multi-point indoor disinfection, configuring body temperature monitoring, detecting body temperature during the day and disinfection at night, and the ability to self-navigate and locate. Choose Kinouwell Technology Ltd. for your all disinfection-related problems, because we are here only to help you with our highly professional and truthful team, and mechanisms.

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